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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Welcome to the KAL with Cabin Fever. We're going to be working on socks from the Need A Sock? book. This book was written by Brenda Harris and Deb Gemmell and teaches you how to knit socks with a Sock Percentage System so that you don't need a specific pattern to knit socks anymore. You can knit them in any gauge and any size too. And so that you don't have to dig out your calculator we give you stitch numbers to go along with all the percentages.

So here we go. I'm going to start with my favourite ways to cast on loosely.
I cast on all the stitches I need for the sock onto one needle. Or in this case over two needles held together as if they were one needle.
Slide one needle out so that you have a loose set of stitches on the needle.
Working in your rib pattern, work the prescribed number of stitches onto each of the three double pointed needles. Join in a circle making sure the cast on edge does not twist around any needle. You should be able to run your finger all around the cast on edge.
I have to admit I take a departure from Brenda on the number of needles used. I like using 4 needles and knitting with the 5th needle. So I would work my cast-on stitches onto 4 needles and join in a circle. Now I would work my ribbing for as long as I like.

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  1. Deb, Don't lose those needles down between your deck boards. Nice cast on.