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Monday, November 15, 2010

James Socks

Sorry about the immodesty, but look at what a great job I did here.
No gaposis at the corner of 'instep & gusset' on James socks.

I eliminated the gaposis, by reaching down inside the sock and picking up a purl bump close to the corner then knitting into it.

It wasn't hard to do and sure beat that gaposis into submission.


  1. Deb,
    I have a very slightly different strategy to defeat gaposis. I pick up the running thread between the instep stitches and the side heel stitches. Then I knit into the back of it (M1L). This twisted stitch tightens up any gap very tidily. If I'm feeling fussy, I twist the stitch on the other side of the instep in the opposite direction (M1R).

  2. Nice job Brenda. You should be congratulating yourself when it looks so great.

    Great tip Liz. The extra stitch needed to get rid of the gap can come from a couple different places. Thanks.