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Monday, March 14, 2011

Second Sock Syndrome

Normally I don't suffer from the dreaded SSS disease.  But after knitting lots and lots of socks this past summer, I took a sock break.  Which turned into a bad case of SSS.

The socks I knit last summer for the Need A Sock? book were all ones-ies.  All needing mates  to make them serviceable.  Finally my sock mojo has returned and pair number one is complete.
This is a 60 stitch sock,  knit on 2.25 mm needles using the Chevron Lace  pattern found on page 39, under Variation On Fancy Socks.  Because Chevron Lace is a six-stitch pattern, I wanted a six-stitch ribbing which would flow nicely into the lace pattern and chose  example number two of the three given in the book.  That is P1, K4, P1    

A 60 stitch sock on 2.25mm needles is proof positive that lace expands.   Normally, with only 60 stitches, I would use a larger needle.  Most often  2.75mm.  Conversely, if knitting on the 2.25 mm needles, the socks would have 64 or  even 68 stitches.  But due to lace's holey, stretchy nature, I have a sock that fits me with only 60 stitches and a 2.25 needle. 

For this sock, I used a straight stockinet Heel Flap bordered with three garter stitches on each side. 
And for a change from my normal Round Heel, I used a 'V' Heel.  It fits my narrow heels well, but wide-footed wearers might find it too restrictive.  

Conversely - or perversely - for me, these lace patterns which would seem to be a more time-consuming knit, actually knit up more quickly than plain old stockinet.  It happens like that because of the grouping of rows.  Four rows to a repeat and I don't allow myself to  stop knitting until a repeat is finished.  When ready to abandon knitting for those mandatory tasks like dinner prep or laundry, one more row becomes one more repeat.  Four rows.  And the sock is done faster than you might imagine.

This is a pretty sock.  The lace combined with the bright cheerful colours make a great addition to 
my winter sock drawer.


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  1. They are so cheerful. Just what you need when there is a dull day and you need a lift. Hope you had fun at the Brier.