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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I have made my choice.
I'm knitting the Waffle socks, one of the variations on the Basic Rib. It's easy to follow and except for checking at the beginning of each row I can knit these and do other things, like watch curling. These are for my husband so I went to his size on the size/gauge chart and cast on 70 sts for 28 sts = 4" gauge. They were way too big. I ripped out the 3" I had knit and started again by looking at the circumference of the socks. I need a 9" circumference for him since he has narrow feet which corresponds to a smaller foot size than he has but will knit the length for the a size 11 foot. I now have 64 sts on my needles and they look exactly right.

Sharon was commenting on fingering vs. sock yarn. As far as I know they are the same as far as the gauge of the yarn is concerned. Usually fingering applies to yarn for knitting garments and sock yarn is usually for socks, except when it's not. Sock yarn can be used for garments too and is referred to more often than fingering now. The difference may have something to do with how they are spun. Sock yarn is usually spun so it's tougher.
Does anyone else want to wade in here with any comments?

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